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Crossing Borders:Submission Deadline Extended Until 29 April 

20.04.2016 - 14:50 - Crossing Borders:Submission Deadline Extended Until 29 April
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EDN – European Documentary Network announces the extension of the submission deadline for this year's edition of the Crossing Borders programme. Crossing Borders is a co-production workshop for European and Asian filmmakers, supported by Creative Europe and organized in collaboration with Documentary Campus and BCPF – The Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation. Projects for Crossing Borders can be submitted until 29 April 2016.

Designed as an international training programme, Crossing Borders brings together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia with the aim to facilitate collaboration across national borders and accessing each other’s markets both artistically and financially. Crossing Borders offers insight into the entire process of setting up an international co-production, covering topics such as: how to develop your story, access the international market, pitch your project and distribute your finished film. The Crossing Borders programme consists of the following three parts:

• Project development workshop organized in conjunction with BCPF‘s renowned Docu Clinic
(15-20 July 2016 — South Korea)

• Consultation sessions focusing on story development and trailers
(September — Online Sessions)

• Pitch training workshop including presentation to international financiers
(25-30 October — Leipzig, Germany)

Filmmakers can submit their documentary projects (series, one-offs and cross-platform) until 29 April 2016. For more information about the programme and how to apply please visit the Crossing Borders


of our website.

The Crossing Borders programme has been a stepping stone for many documentary professionals and kickstarted a number of acclaimed international co-productions widely recognized at festivals and key events of the documentary industry. The project Surviving the Tsunami: My Atomic Aunt by
Kyoko Miyake is among previous workshop titles that earned wide attention and turned into a major co-production between Germany, UK, Japan, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden and Israel as a result of participating in Crossing Borders. Kyoto Miyake, whose international career began with Crossing
Borders, has since pitched several times at IDFA Forum and is currently selected for the Cannes Film Festival Cinéfondation 2016.

Other successful Crossing Borders projects include:

• Ruch & Norie by Ināra Kolmane | developed at Crossing Borders 2012, first documentary to win four Latvian "Oscars" for Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Director of Photography and Best Screenplay.

• The Lovers and the Despot by Robert Cannan and Ross Adam | Developed at Crossing Borders 2012. coproduction between UK, France and the Netherlands, nominated for the Grand Jury Prize - World Documentary at Sundance 2016.

• The World's Most Fashionable Prison by Mak CK | Developed at Crossing Borders 2010. Launched the international career of Mak CK, first Singaporean film to be selected for Hot Docs

• With Or Without You by Hyuckjee Park | Developed at Crossing Borders 2012. Co-production between South Korea and Germany with a premiere at DOK Leipzig

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for funding, financing, development, co-production, distribution and collaboration across borders.

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